Monday, November 22, 2010

Pancake Pen

I was in Seattle last week, on my annual American Shoppapaloosa, when this funny plastic item caught my eye. I glanced, checked the price, then replaced it in the bin with its siblings because it seemed horribly a little overpriced. Later that day I happened to be in another store in another area (same chain) and spotted it again. This time it seemed a wildly excellent deal and something I was in desperate need of. I could envisage a zillion uses for it, too.

So I bought it.

And yes, the blog post title is its real name. It is really and truly called a Pancake Pen. It even comes with - wait for it: instructions.

When I came home I used it immediately. Here you have my newly patented Snowman Circle Pancake Combination. I made big circles, small circles, and middle size circles so we could have DIY Goldilocks snowmen. Big hit with the small set.

It is, I am relieved to report because I hate to think I might have wasted even the smallest amount of cash on a squeezie bottle, given how cheap I am, an extremely well-designed piece of plastic. It poured. It didn't drip. It didn't clog. It even made some nifty (and recognizable) D's and K's. And whaddaya know but FDPG and Dominic were THRILLED to see it filled and put into immediate use, even though it was only mere hours before the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere (to which we had tickets).

So there we were, eating DIY snowmen right before the Harry Potter premiere.

And if you'd been listening to a certain local FM radio station last Friday, oh, say about 11am, you would have heard FDPG in all her chatty glory telling the unsuspecting DJ (via some poor fellow dressed in cloak and wizard's hat shivering in the cold) every single thing she thought about the last 6 Harry Potter films.


Michelle said...

Look at you, all high-tech! That thing makes my scooping method look so pre blue-ray. I so wish they had more unnecessary but useful gadgets here. I'll have to put that one on my American Shopping Wishlist.

Can't wait to hear your review of the new HP film.

sheila said...

I must confess that I initially felt quite foolish buying a "pancake pen" because it seemed so extraneous but given that it cleans up so nicely I now feel glad. It's an American chain called Williams Sonoma. Horribly overpriced but it's the same place I got the Star Wars cookie cutters from. I also bought a giant tea ball that holds about 1/2 cup of material, has a flat bottom and FLOATS in whatever you choose to toss it. I will use it to make nettle tea and also to hold the spices for my cranberry sauce. It is seriously gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Have just done a quick search...there is a WS store in Columbus, Ohio. I'm so going next summer. Maybe they'll still have those cookie cutters...

That tea ball sounds fabulous. I love herbal teas.