Monday, January 31, 2011

Buttering You Up

I make the world's best garlic butter. I know this sounds horribly pompous of me, (and even more embarrassing: I've typed that boast before on this blog) but it's true. I've had a lot of garlic butter in my lifetime, and I feel confident saying that mine rocks.

Here's a close-up of a batch I made the other day. Look at all that creamy, oozingly garlic-studded salty sweetness...mmmm.....don't you just want to poke your finger into that mess and have a little taste?

Trust me, you won't regret it. I've said it before and I'll...

Oh shut up, Sheila. Hand out the recipe already.

Fine, then.

Roast several heads of garlic (broken up into cloves) in several tablespoons of oil, oven temp. about 350ºF, for maybe 35 minutes. You want each clove to be soft and mushy, but not hard. Hard won't blend. Soft and mushy will.

Let them cool briefly, at least until you can squeeze the little buggers out of their skins. Put them in a mini blender container (I have one that goes with my immersion blender - looks like a mini food processor) and purée til smooth. Add a little salt (I use Spike) and then, depending on how much garlic you used, some butter. My ratio is 3 heads = 1 cup of butter. If the garlic is still warm the butter will almost-but-not-quite melt to a soft mess. Then you can scrape that mess into a ceramic dish and either chill for later or leave on the counter, so everyone can get a piece of baguette and scoop up a taste.

People will love you for this garlic butter. Trust me.

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