Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enchanting? Not In My Kitchen

In my ongoing mission to ensure that the kids have a Serious Movie Education, I screened the film Enchanted yesterday, as part of my Fairy Tale Adaptations course. It was a bit touch and go, particularly at first, particularly with the boys, who were dubious (in the case of Max) and verging on horrified (in the case of Dominic) at the idea of watching a Disney Princess Flick.

Then we settled in and everyone mostly enjoyed it, although FDPG had a few moments when she was overcome by the cheesiness of the situation. After a bit I went into the kitchen to make lunch. In the other room Princess Whateverhernameis was singing a Cleanup Song. Cockroaches and rats were helping her clean up. It was cute. Weird, but cute.

Then I went into my own kitchen. I looked at the stove. I looked at the counters. They did not look good. They looked, dare I confess it, repellent. Where was my Clean-up Fairy?

Not in my kitchen, that's for sure. Sigh.

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