Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just A Matter Of Weeks

Nine Aye Em
 Between each of these photos. I'd say early summer is burgeoning, wouldn't you?

Seven Pee Em
About bloody time, really. Not a second too soon.


Heather said...

Your garlic looks Gorgeous!!

Gillian said...

What a pretty garden!

sheila said...

They are preening for the camera, lol! Do you have a preference for hardneck or softneck, H? I think I'm leaning towards HN, but at the moment they are all mixed together. Must. Get. More. Methodical.

Thanks, Gillian!

Heather said...

So far I've only grown hardneck - mostly Red Russian and White Italian. But I've just moved to 2 acres of my own (hurrah!!!) and my neighbour grows an old softneck variety so I'm all for expanding varieties now that I've got space. I was given a variety called Continental last fall but I'm not sure if it is soft or hard.

Methodical and I are not close friends. :-(