Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Which I Become A Sports Figure

This is me as a LEGO sports minifigure. I took a quiz and the good people at LEGO decided what minifig I should be, based on my answers. They even asked me which superpower I wanted most. I asked for the ability to teleport. Kind of odd question considering that we're talking sports here. I don't really associate sports figures with super powers - like appearing in other places all of a sudden. Inflatable muscles, perhaps. There is obviously some cross over with the Which Sci-Fi LEGO Figure Are You? quiz (which I haven't taken yet, but I did do the Monster Quiz, oh the joys of letting an 11 year old on one's computer and then looking over their shoulder at what they're doing, now I'm obsessing over the fact that I am a LEGO witch in some alternate universe).

Anyhow, I was assigned the SuperHero Sports Figure of the - tennis player. Don't like that one. I mean, I might be grouchy on the odd occasion but I don't generally go around glaring. Plus, I never wear little white skirts and I'm quite sure my legs aren't that thick. Also, I don't have red hair. Even the kids found it bizarre ("YOU? A tennis player? That's so FUNNY"), although I think they were more curious about the idea of me actually playing tennis. On a tennis court. Guess they don't know about the teleportation super power.

But I was mollified by the killer description of my prowess in life on the tennis court, even though some people around here laughed rather rudely and immoderately.

My new mantra is thus this: "Let's face it, I AM just that good."


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Mrs. Solo Tennant said...

I don't even have to take the quiz to know I'd be the most awesome dancer ever mini fig. And there would be glitter involved. Lots of glitter.

I also know I'd be Mrs. Han Solo if I was a sci-fi figure. Or Mrs. Doctor (Tennant). Oh my, now I just don't know! Is it too greedy to want both?