Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Now You See It...

The greenhouse I mean. Here it is, sitting at the end of the garden, unaware of the fate about to befall it. It's been sitting here for the past 4 years, looking after a variety of seedlings, perennials, and paper wasps. It's covered with 8ml greenhouse plastic, held in place with Lee Valley's finest greenhouse tape, guaranteed to withstand even the worst rainstorm.

(I haven't been paid to say this but I'm interested if you are, Lee Valley)

But it's getting old. Crotchety. Bits are falling off. Plastic is cracking. There are stakes where sidings buckled.

If you look closely you can see why my trays of seedlings sometimes fall to the ground. Or slide sideways in the middle of the night if there is a heavy wind.

Or why I needed to lean heavy items against certain sides to keep the entire structure upright.

Or buy the Super Great Bulk Econo Deal packages of bungee cords so I could strap the sides together.

And why I have lots of nylon rope...for typing shelves to wooden stakes.

Ahem. Case in point.

Now you don't see it. It's being replaced by a newer model. A younger, more attractive model, made of glass and aluminum. I feel moderately conflicted by my lack of remorse about this switching of affections, but I'm sure it will go away once the new structure is in place. And all those trays are sitting without the aid of ropes, bungee cords, stakes and plastic.

No more racing out in the middle of the night to buttress up sagging plastic or holding down flaps threatening to blow away in a rainstorm. No more feeling desperately fed up with high wind alerts. No more buying Gorilla Tape.

Goodbye greenhouse. It was nice knowing you.

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