Monday, May 13, 2013

Reflections On Watching Nightmare In Silver

Every Who down in Whoville liked Nightmare In Silver a lot.
But the Sheila, who lived just north of Whoville, the Sheila did NOT!
She didn't quite hate it, but she frowned at the plot
Now, please don't ask why. Oh hell, why ever not?

It could be the writer was too filled with worry.
It could be, perhaps, that he wrote in a flurry.
He had a dream cast, a swell Doctor and more
But the script was all wrong, it was flawed at its core.

The writer was stuck in his usual blur
Of steampunk facades and forgot to defer
To a credible story of Companion and trips
Though this wasn't the first time his Who stories have slipped.

While she hates to be mean, Sheila mourns Russell T
You might say, in fact, She is his devotee
He had narrative vision, he wrote with a purpose,
The last couple of years, without him, are a circus.

A mish mash, a jumble, no direction or end
We watch with excitement, but the stories don't blend.
They stand on their own, there's no clear end in sight
And from where this Whovian stands, that doesn't seem right.

Apologies to Neil Gaiman, who wrote the sublime and very wonderful Graveyard Book, but his episodes aren't working for this Whoville Resident, despite the presence of the fabulous Warwick Davis (not to mention the he-just-keeps-getting-better-and-better Matt Smith).



Louise said...

You aren't the only one who thinks so. I've seen lots of complaints. Let's hope the BBC takes note.

sheila said...

They are all too stretched doing too many things, I think, so when it all has to come together they haven't quite got there.

Is that you, Louise? (sheila waves from across the pond)

sheila said...

Oops, in case I was completely unintelligible in that last comment, I was referring to the WRITERS.