Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Dawn Chorus

 I woke up with Coldplay's Viva La Vida blaring in my head. And no, it wasn't Eldest Son's radio alarm, although that too was heard in the wee hours, loud enough that it woke people up. Not, I hasten to add, Eldest Son. No, sadly, he required a firm paternal hand banging on his door. A firm and rather irritable paternal hand. After which he denied that the clock alarm had ever gone off. He went to school labouring under the delusion that we were teasing him. Yet again. Anyone would think that we live to tease him. Sigh.

Ahhh, such is youth.

Now I'm going to break out into a little number called Silver and Gold...

Luckily there was a highly distracting sunrise to take our minds off the idea of Loud Teenager Music invading our private waking moments.

It changed by the minute, causing FDPG to enthuse about the amazing camera her BRAND NEW iPod has. And how many filters it has. And how Dominic should buy one JUST LIKE IT.

Which caused Dominic to gnash his teeth and wish he'd spent less money on candy and LEGO at Christmas because he might actually have enough to silence that irritating sister of his. Instead he told her sharply that he was going to buy a laptop instead. So there.

And while all this was swirling around me, front doors slamming, cat skittering around the corner in panic, Viva La Vida blasting in my head, FDPG gazing adoringly at her new piece of electronica, Dominic dribbling cereal milk as he too gazed adoringly at FDPG's new iPod, I continued to look out the window and watch the sky change.

The big sky. Ruling the world.

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