Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watching The Sun Rise

Someone on the local homeschool list here posted a link to Journey North's Mystery Class (link here) and while I've seen a lot of homeschool bloggers post about it, we've never tried it. That said, I remember when Dominic and I had our year of morning walks and how much pleasure we took in seeing how the 7am sky changed over the seasons. Then I tore my Achilles tendon and we had to stop. It took almost 14 months for that tendon to be solid enough to walk vigorously on, and by then we'd both lost of thrill of getting up and outside before 7am.

Wispy view across the valley
Now we peer outside the kitchen windows in the morning and look at the sunrise that way.

It's a perfectly charming experience, but I do miss those early morning ramblings, because I'm sure they'd remind me that the sunrise is coming earlier and earlier. Right now I find myself saying the same thing every morning at the same time: "It's SO DARK!" The kids have taken to reminding me that I say this over and over again, too, which is always thrilling.

Squabbling pleasantly over Commander Bly
 I will try to post a bit about our progress, try being the operative word here: my Clean Sock Resolution isn't a resounding success at the moment, mostly because the accompanying Constant Mopping Requirement is such a chore. What with the days being so dry and clear, I'd much rather be in the garden in the mornings, as opposed to looking at the cluttered heap that is my Post-Christmas kitchen.

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