Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Christmas Card 2006

Here's our Christmas card. I like to do collage photo cards to send to people in the various places we've lived. But it's a challenge finding pictures to suit a slightly jokey and here's-our-life-so-far-in-thirty-seconds card, without anyone's photo appearing TOO big (because you know what THAT might mean) or the wording too cryptic. What I like best about doing these cards is the going back through time bit. Seeing what we've done over the past year is heartening, particularly if it involved sun, beaches, or late nights with friends. This card features, from left to right, Dominic, his twin sister Katie, and their elder brother Max. In the background is our house, with Dominic weaving around in the garden with his Easter eggs (some kids play with matchbox cars, Dominic likes plastic eggs).

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