Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Living Colour

It was hard to know what to call this entry - but I settled for the title of a long-defunct TV show, as opposed to my favoured-but-sure-to-be-misinterpreted A Religious Experience Of Colour (more apt but you get my drift). This is something we made in our science coop. Essentially it is a cooked gloop of cornstarch, sugar, and water, with food colour added in for extra squoosh appeal. Call me a pessimist but I was prepared for this experiment not to work all that well, but I did it because the boys in the coop like cooking sludgy mixtures. On paper it looked rather uninteresting, but in hand, luxuriously warm as it was, not to mention how exquisite it appeared when held against a window, the experiment was irresistible and compelling. The best part of it all (for me) was how ephemeral it was: an hour later the cornstarch had congealed and the magic had subsided.

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