Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Martha Moment

Brought to you by the crafty folks at
Greenridge Chronicles, issue no.432

FDPG and I were thumbing through my Christmas issue of Martha Stewart Living the other day, when FDPG caught sight of the living wreaths, which were, we were told, "guaranteed to breathe new life" into our holiday traditions.

Martha's minions, naturally, had made some superlative ones: a lovely little number in cushion moss hung sumptuously from a door (I found myself rather coveting the door on which it hung, and I was pretty sure that door could breathe new life into my holiday traditions, too); another made from various sedums hung, dusted with snow, on a very attractive garden gate (I found myself getting sidetracked a bit, as you can probably tell); and then, there it was: the wreath that would change our holiday traditions. At least, FDPG thought so, so off we went to make it.

We were rather lacking the lemon button fern and two types of maidenhair fern that Martha's minions used (our budget, sadly, isn't as lavish as Martha's), so ours doesn't quite have the "uniform rhythm" or "textural richness" of the "colourful orb" in the magazine, but we like it, and it does spice up our otherwise "bland entrance hall" (ack, someone stop me from quoting this stuff!) It's now jostling for alpha position on the front door with the fairy light wreath from IKEA. Which will win, I wonder?

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