Thursday, December 20, 2007

Uses For Origami 101

Looking for something to do with all the origami you no doubt have lying around the house? FDPG spent an inordinate amount of time this week making stars and stockings. She accumulated so many little teenie tiny stockings that I eventually strung them up along the fireplace, where they sit, looking extremely atmospheric (they also make it look as though we either have many many little children or as though we have a lot of mice in the house, and I'm not sure which scenario I prefer).

Here's what I finally did with 18 of the 32 origami stars she made (she made them in three distinct colours: yellows, blues, and pinks, which shows, for her, an unusual tendency towards order). I strung them onto the door of the family room, and we're all quite taken with the effect.


Anonymous said...

SIGH--maybe if I teach my kids origami, MY house will be decorated as nicely!

sheila said...

I can always send you all her extras! A couple of months ago it was ALL she did. She would wake up, do origami, do some school, then spend her evenings and weekends learning everything in the Origami book. Fortunately she is very self-directed, because I don't think I could've taught her so patiently! My two boys have zero interest in origami.

Oh, and that might be the ONLY part of the house that looks so tidy!

cheers / sheila