Monday, December 3, 2007

Love Letters

Can you read the message above? It was written by FDPG, acting for Dominic, who uses her much as the kings of old used scribes to write letters for them. Fortuitously, FDPG is happy to be Dominic's scribe; she is a truly compassionate sort, under all that sturm und drang.

Anyhow, the message reads "Dare Mum I have a surprise. I hope you like it Love Dominic" Attached, in a little paper twist, was the green blob you can see sitting on the paper, which you may or may not recognize as one of Cushion's babies (see here if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Dominic brought it up last night and very carefully presented it to me. And of course FDPG couldn't resist coming up to tell me how she'd written the note, using her very own spelling-mind: "I thought of the words and then wrote down what they looked like in my head" she told me.

It was almost painfully sweet to think of these two working together so cooperatively; she writing thoughtfully, with Dominic dictating his message (clutching baby Cushion, no doubt). According to FDPG, this often goes on after they've gone to bed, Dominic coming into her room to ask for various favours: flipping the cassette for him, writing notes for him, reading him one more bed time story, and she does it all without complaint. So solicitous. I'll have to remember this next time I see them shrieking and flinging Lego at each other...

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Nicola said...

Aaah yes, sibling love! I suppose it's inevitable that when they spend so much time together, there'll be some grating on each other's nerves! My two younger ones are especially close, now that the oldest is a teen and loves his computer more than anything else! They play lego nearly all day, K reads to S lots, even snuggling under the bedcovers together some evenings when it gets really late and mean mum has turned down the thermostat and gone to bed herself!