Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cushion had a baby!

That's right. Dominic's Cushion had a baby today. A baby named - get ready for it - Cushion. We were all there for the Presentation, at which Dominic (Cushion's father) brought up Cushion, a rather lurid green furry item, and its baby, an equally livid green, apparently male, ball of wadded tags from Bekins Moving and Storage (who tagged all our stuff when we did a corporate move 6 months ago). What was so surprising about this event, bar the fact that in Cushion Land ANYONE can have a baby, was that his older brother went through the EXACT same sort of scenario at about the same age. It was slightly shocking to me because we don't often reminisce about this stuff, not because we have issues about Cushions having babies, I hasten to add, but because we, like most parents, tend forget this stuff until it's forcibly brought to our aging memories. So it wasn't as though Dominic was reliving his brother's cute habits in a bid for attention; nope, his Cushion was claiming its own piece of the Greenridge family mythology action (let's just hope my memory holds out this time).

Max's Reproduction Period began with a small box of dried moss, filled with some miniscule lumps of dirt. Max called them his "hatchlings." He would carry these hatchlings around with him; once in a while he'd put them in his bike basket, and periodically he'd lend them his blankie in case they were chilled (which wasn't very often, seeing as we were in Southern California at the time). Eventually, as they all do, he forgot about his hatchlings and it was left to his besotted parents to remind him about it until we too forgot. But wait, that's not all: Max also has a Cushion, albeit a very small one (that we once had to rescue from an Albertson's Lost and Found bin), and it travels almost everywhere with him, even now that he's a relatively sophisticated 10 year old (just don't let on that you know he has it tucked away).

Now Dominic has reminded us anew. Hatchlings in Cushion Land. Nice symmetry, that.

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