Sunday, September 16, 2007

In our midst

We've been examining Ancient Egypt all month, with a particular emphasis this week on the gods and goddesses. For my kids, especially the younger two, this is a strange and fascinating world that really stretches their conceptual boundaries. Dominic doesn't understand how anyone could be born with an animal head and a human body, so he finds it all mildly unsettling, while Katie wonders (hopefully) if they are still around in our far-from-Egypt, everyday world. She's painted herself a little udjat to hang on her door, just in case. Max, although he doesn't say as much, worries that one of them might come walking up the slope of our back yard one night, and appear in front of his bedroom window. I know this because I sometimes wonder the same thing.

My favourite part to all this is how the Cooper's hawk that hangs around our neighbourhood has been magically transformed into Horus, god of the sky. Every time he sails over the house, head flicking this way and that, going round and round in circles above the house, the three kids all fall silent, and watch him carefully, wondering no doubt if his eyes were REALLY restored by milk.

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