Monday, September 10, 2007

One of those days

This was One of Those Days: the day was hot and sunny, the kids were happy and generous with each other, everyone was delighted with each new project we embarked upon, and best of all, I was in a FABULOUS mood (ooh, writing that makes it sound like I'm usually a grouch, doesn't it). Anyhow, the day dawned and we were off. Egyptian history! Poetry! Magnifying glasses! Hummous! Library fines! (oops, wouldn't normally have included that one, but surprisingly, the cheery librarian found a way for me to enjoy even these) Only one set of tears entered our idyll: a scraped knee that bled a little too profusely for the bearer's comfort level. But a Hello Kitty! band-aid later and we were back to lying in the grass, watching spiders.

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