Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clinging To A Raft Of Denial

That's my new phrase for Max. He's going through a phase that even he admits is Contrary Just For The Heck Of It. I like that he can admit it to me so candidly. I like that in a kid. Here are a few of our latest excursions on the raft:

Scenario 1: A Really Bad Smell Emanates From Henry the Pig from Guinea's Cage

Me: "Max, can you come and do something with Henry's cage? It stinks."

Max: "No it doesn't. I don't smell anything. You're just imagining things."

Scenario 2: Max and his Coop Group Duties

Me: "Max, have you finished that project you were supposed to do? It's due on Monday, you know."

Max: "Oh, that, yes, I've finished it." 

We both know he hasn't.

Fast forward 5 days...

Max: "Wait, where's that project I was supposed to do?" 

Me: "You didn't do it, remember?"

Max: "Argh. How come I didn't do it? I thought I did it! Do we have time to do it now?" 

Me: "No."

Scene 3: Walking to the car with lots of library books, CDs, and DVDs

Me: "Can you not carry the library books like that? Give them to me. You're going to drop them all and they'll crack open on the concrete and those CD cases will split and then I'll have to explain to the librarian and feel like a lame mother who lets her kids run wild with the library stuff."

Max: "No they won't. They won't. See, I have them perfectly balanced. You worry about nothing."

40 items crash to the concrete

Max: "Oh give me a break! I had them all perfectly balanced. I KNOW I did!"

And at each scenario I say, without a trace of irony in my voice...

"Max, are you still clinging to your raft of denial?"

It gives us a laugh, if nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

I needed to hear this :) What a neat thing to say to keep your sanity! (Instead of my usual groan anyways!) :)

Suji in San Jose