Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween today, which means that I am once again in the throes of baking:

...pumpkins for our gym coop group...

...skeletons for the Beaver party...

...and toadstools for the Brownie party.

In between making goofy crafts with the twins (tissue paper pumpkins! pop-up pumpkin cards! hand-traced bats!) and saying "BEWARE!" a lot. I like Halloween with little kids: things like shouting "BOO!" and "whoooooooooo!" (in menacing tones) always go over so well. Add in a few cookies for breakfast (gosh, how riské!), an It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or two (or three), and life couldn't get any more exciting. Who needs a dagger that bleeds, I ask you?

Once I finished the costumes, I think I'll be all Martha-d out. FDPG is going as Athena.

"I AM ATHENA! Supreme Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare!" shrieks FDPG at every opportunity.

Well, when she's not waving her Medusa-studded shield in the cat's face. Poor Toffee, he's not a big fan of Greek Goddesses. Always timid, he finds Athena quite alarming.

Dominic is a Forest-Spirit-from-the-movie-Princess-Mononoke, although he seems to remember the film differently than I do. His Forest Spirit has a scythe and skeleton hands. He's got the chattering, tilting head bit down pat though. That's an alien mask he's wearing. It used to be a glow-in-the-dark mask, but now it's painted white.

Max is going, as Richard and I have joked, as a Disaffected Youth: black hoodie, black cape, white face paint, witch's hat. Oh, and don't forget the everpresent Light Sabre. Who could forget that?


Anonymous said...

Those are great costumes! And the cookies are making me very hungry.

sheila said...

Let me beam a few over your way!