Thursday, October 16, 2008


This one's for Shaun. One's a finger puppet; the other is a window cling-thingie.

Look at all my happy friends!* I was going to include a little walking music for those of you who are Totoro enthusiasts (it's a strange world, I can admit it), but then I found this on YouTube and, well, life will never be the same again for FDPG (or me). Do my eyes deceive me or is that a full size Cat bus I see? And all those earnest little singers? And Aya Matsuura and her pink umbrella?

I think I see a visit to a theme park in our future. Some plane tickets. A Japanese phrase book. And definitely a sailor suit. Maybe a few pigtails. Better work on our giggle.

* secret code language


Kate said...

Our stuffed totoros and cat bus salute you. Let's plan a field trip and get ourselves a group rate at the Studio Ghibli Museum.

sheila said...

Is that what it is? A Studio Ghibli Museum? Oh my, life wouldn't get any better than that, would it Kate? We are SO there. There's something so strangely compelling about it all, isn't there.

By the way, have J and Z seen Castle of Cagliostro? We found it in the library. It's an old Miyazaki co-write. They watched it about 20X before I finally hid it for a few weeks.

shaun said...

Thanks for posting all that! I am a little out of it (see my latest post) but always cheered by Totoro. How could I help but feel happy when looking at Totoro?