Sunday, October 26, 2008

That Wascally Wabbit

That's my new name for this person. She's a family member, related to me by marriage. But she's gone and done it again, this time at a wake for another family member. 

Anyhow, while I was doing my Mingle Cheerfully With Complete Strangers routine, she slipped up to the kids, and asked them how they were liking homeschooling.

"Great!" they chorused. 

"But do you have a lot of friends?" she asked.

"Oh yes! Lots. We have a lot of really good friends we do stuff with all the time," they said, enthusiastically. 

"I think you should go back to school," she said, "you'd have more friends."

Then she got up and left. I was watching this exchange from across the room, and wondered what she'd said to make my kids look like that. They were looking puzzled and slightly uneasy.

Now I know. 

And instead of calling her a resentful old bat like I'm tempted to, I'm going to think of her as the Wascally Wabbit to my Elmer Fudd (but a far more, err, competent version, let's say) and tell my kids that adults sometimes say inexplicably stupid things to kids, even when they really should know better. 


Beck said...

Ah, people. People and their dumb, dumb opinions - and their need to express their dumb, dumb opinions.

Kate said...

That wascally wabbit is quite the piece of work, isn't she? Amazingly inappropriate behavior or a tad mentally unstable?

sheila said...

Thank you for the emotional camaraderie.

Of the choices, I'd pick "amazingly inappropriate," I think. If I were really mean-spirited I might say she's also fueled by a touch of resentful menopausal rage, but I'm not THAT mean-spirited. Well, not yet, anyhow.

Andrea said...

whatever, eh?!