Monday, July 6, 2009

Ad Hoc Irritations

I just heard something on the radio that really really irked me, so I'm using this blog in a way I normally avoid: as a platform.

I realize that these are tough times, even here in Canada, but that is absolutely no excuse to tie your 12 year old dog to the door of the SPCA, with a note saying that you can't look after it anymore. You took that pet on. For TWELVE YEARS. You have a responsibility to that pet. A duty. And don't be telling me that you are broke and can't feed it because I've seen homeless people with their dogs, trolling around town. I don't see them tying their dogs up to the doors of the SPCA.

If you love your pet there is ALWAYS a way around a tight situation. And I'm not talking public handouts.

Shame on you.


Michelle said...

So true. A pet is a part of the family (in my opinion anyway). I won't even go away for a week because I'm worried about the stray cat we look after- how on earth can someone abandon a companion of so many years? Cruel and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Would also like to add my own rant: old dogs are boring. They sleep a lot. They are cranky. They are easily spooked. Deal with it. You owe that old dog a comfortable home during his/her senior years.

It is pathetic and cruel to introduce a new puppy to your household as a 'companion' to your elderly dog. Got it? CRUEL. Old dogs need love. And quiet. Lots of quiet. They are like humans that way: old people and old dogs don't want interlopers in their space being loud and spazzy and competing for affection. It's why God created seniors housing. And why you shouldn't replace your senior dog with a younger model.