Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Moments In Procrastination: #328

It was a friend of mine's birthday yesterday, so we all went out for a drink at a waterfront restaurant. Right before we went out it occurred to me that I should have a card or something to give her. I was already in the throes of altering a dress that suddenly did not fit and that I was bound and determined to wear that very evening, which was a bit of a nightmare in itself (the house was hot, I was hot, the kids were peevish, and it was 98ºF on our deck), so the idea of making a card seemed too arduous to contemplate.

Chance of Peevishly Hot Sheila making a birthday card for her very good friend?
remote, baby, remote.

Then, in one of those charmingly fortuitous Great Moments in Procrastination, I was reading this blog, written by someone on a homeschool list I'm on, and she had a picture of this card on her blog. It was extremely cool, and even though I don't own brads, paper flowers, glass leaf beads and jump rings, much less have any clue what UTE is or where I can get it, I thought I would try a version of my own. Besides, FDPG has tons of origami paper and since she was outside in the pool I knew I could pinch some without her even noticing. And whaddaya know but it's surprisingly easy, if you follow the wonderfully detailed instructions).

The photo above is how the card looks lying flat (note that I am not providing WDI - I forgot until half way through, sorry).

And here is the card standing up. Note the oh-so-cool 3D effect. Thanks, Misti. Thanks, Bonnie. One Potential Crisis averted. Now on to finishing that dratted dress...
And yes, FDPG did notice her origami paper on this card but she said she did not mind, well, provided I make her one just like it for her birthday next week.


Misti said...

Wow, that's beautiful, Sheila! And you did it in a snap! (Three days later, I am still working on it. I have made two other birthday cards whilke I chewed on it, though. )

Samantha said...

Oh man, you are Martha!! That looks really beautiful!

By the way, it's not called procrastination, it's called waiting until the right moment ;-)

sheila said...

Thanks, Misti. It was quite fun to make, actually, although having to measure to ensure borders was a bit fiddly. I really love the 3D effect.

I like your methods of definition, Samantha. I will remind Richard next time he tells me "I really admire how you leave everything till the last minute." I will say "I planned this" then toss my head with a harumph.

Andrea said...

That is gorgeous! Hey my birthday was July 7!

sheila said...

It wasn't?! Gosh, I should have sent it to YOU! (along with the seeds I promised you last year, sheila mutters sheepishly)

I'm making Hogwarts ones for the twins for their birthday and I'm using REAL LIVE THINGS FROM MICHAELS for them: patterned paper, wizard "embellishments" (this is what the Michaels' ladies call them), and weird gold and parchment patterned paper. OMG, does life get any more exciting than this?

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, had to comment. Can you please teach me how to procrastinate your way - it would be much more creative, impressive and productive than my way (which, suffice to say would be to turn up without a card at all!)

(Loved your "Spy Games" post, btw, partly because I am a Spooks fan and I don't know any other Spooks fans!)
Tracey (from downunder.)

Vivian said...

Beautiful card. How did the dress turn out?

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

The Raven said...

What a lovely card! Thanks so much for the link!