Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm finally a twit

Sheila's Twitter Updates:

- had a really great latté today. High point of the day.

- was the first to borrow The Iliad from the library (Naxos version read by Anton Lesser). Put it on during our Painting of the Dough Map and FDPG was the only one to actively follow the story. Figures.

- rained almost all day. Hate rain. Rain boring.

- dithered about buying an iPod for my 7 year old daughter. Finally decided against it.

- watched the eldest place a Carmex stick against the (sleeping) cat's mouth oh so carefully, then call me to say "Mum! Toffee is using your lipsalve!"

- argued with the boys about which was more graphic: Frankenstein's "experiments" or General Grevious being "examined" by Obi Wan. No consensus.

- argued at least 4X with eldest about The Cutting of the Hair. Turns out that I am the only one who does nothing all day, and so should have TONS OF TIME to cut hair.

- read the list of Federov's Wimbledon wins out to everyone from the newspaper. We all agreed that we were impressed.

- finished Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris at lunch. All agreed they loved it. Asked FDPG what the title of it was 3X. Not a memorable title, obviously.

- watched my skin wrinkle.

- watched FDPG fling a handful of cards at her brother during a particularly fierce game of UNO Flash.

- showed the twins the latest pictures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. No one recognized Michael Gambon as Dumbledore.

- filled out Win Harry Potter Tickets! quiz. Argued endlessly as to which magic ability would be better. No consensus.

- read in the newspaper that the average can of pop contains 10 teaspoons of sugar so demonstrated VERY GRAPHICALLY what 10 teaspoons of sugar look like to shocked offspring. No one had ANY IDEA, obviously.

- pondered whether or not offspring will remember that pop contains a lot of sugar. Or care.

- bought our aged neighbour a BBQ lighter after witnessing him flinging 12 lit matches into his BBQ.

- finally watched the day come to an end. Phew.


Sarah N. said...

Welcome to the Land of Tweets! What's your id? I'm inneedofchokie.

sheila said...

Oh, I'm just being a goof here. I didn't really tweet these. I saw another blogger doing this and thought I'd do a spoof. It was so much more amusing than I thought it would be - maybe I DO need to get on Twitter (although I'll refrain from discussing good lattés in the interests of not boring everyone to death).

Andrea said...

Yes, I got that - you had me smirking and chuckling to the end!

sheila said...

With the exception of my skin wrinkling, right? Now that IS a tragedy I'd rather not witness.

So where do you stand on the General Grevious vs. Frankenstein issue, Andrea? Care to weigh in? Don't worry if you have no idea who the General is, just agree with me and I can tell my boys once and for all. These Star Wars arguments can last days if I'm not careful...

Andrea said...

Well, I am a Star Wars fan but I can't remember that scene... sounds like I should watch them again... but sure, I'll agree with you - you can tell your kids.

sheila said...

Andrea! I knew I could count on you.

Anytime you need a goat milked, just call me. Or my daughter: we were at the local fair and she was the only kid who could milk the goat. She was a total natural.

To be honest, I never actually saw Grevious doing his thing but IMO Frankenstein is far more creepy than someone opening up a robot. I'm just trying to lure the boys into reading Mary Shelley...

Sarah N. said...

LOL! I tend to be extremely dense/naive that way. Everyone gets me on April Fools! If you do decide to become a twit, then be sure to share :)

Suji said...

I think I would pick Grievous and Obi Wan. :) I really fell for this...thought that if you've decided to twit I should too. Boy am I glad it was a spoof LOL.

sheila said...

Well, Suji, now I'm thinking that my TWITS need to be less "real" then, if everyone is falling for them. I'm obviously not supercilious enough!

You are down for GG and OW on my score sheet, by the way. I will let Max know. (we're watching Phantom Menace right now, no doubt there wll be more gross scenes to include)

Rebecca said...

I have a Twitter account. But I don't think I should do anything about it.

I didn't even deign to read yours until I realized it was a spoof! (Yes, I read the comments first. So, what's with that? No, don't answer.)

I've only ever watched Young Frankenstein... Mel Brooks is as scary as I'm willing to get.