Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheap Thrills With Your Almost Teen

Alternate Title: How To Gently Torment The Kid Who Likes To Sleep In

Eight year old: "Max why are you always so grouchy in the morning?"

Max: "Because you guys always wake me up WAY TOO early." (usually accompanied by either a glare, a surly glance, or a heavy sigh)

Other eight year old: "Look! I have a five dollar bill!" (this kid is Queen of the Segue)

Max: "Who gave you that?"

Dad: "We put a $5 bill at the top of the stairs every morning, and the first one up gets it. Didn't we tell you that? We've been doing it for about, oh, a year, I guess. The twins have about $100 each already!"

Max: "Huh? Really? No way! That is SO unfair! And you deliberately didn't tell me, right? That is SO unfair!" (subsides into a gloomy disgruntled silence, possibly influenced by the twelve waffles in his mouth)

All this is accompanied by much general laughter from the masses at the almost total lack of humour on the part of the almost teen. Almost teen finds nothing remotely amusing about this scenario, sadly, but that might be because a wee part of him really does think that $5 bills have been reposing on staircases while he sleeps.

But really, if someone was leaving $5 bills at the top of the stairs, doesn't Max realize that I would be the first one grabbing them? Honestly. Kids these days.


Andrea said...

thanks for the laugh from the mother of another starting-to-be-unsurly-part-of-the-time teen who also loves to sleep!

Vivian said...

This is a good one! I might have to try this one and laugh at the reactions at home.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. My guys are big sleeper-inners these days - I've been trying to at least open their doors and encourage them to get up before lunchtime, but it's hard work.

Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

Isn't it odd how teens lose their sense of humour? Sometimes I think a little dose of waiting out in the -8° cold for the school bus at 8 a.m. would do my dear Panda a world of good. But then I get the urge to crawl into bed with her at 8:30 for snuggles and all is forgiven. On both ends.

sheila said...

Oh Mrs. D! You are obviously a way kinder mother than I. Then again, I bet Panda is more cuddly than Max. He seems to be made of spikey bits.

We mothers are all having VERY similar experiences, aren't we. Charming things, those almost teens (and already teens).