Friday, December 4, 2009

Climbing the Walls

This is the latest Amusing Activity for the twins. They do this while I make dinner. They talk the entire time, too.

Shall I repeat that?

They talk the entire time.

(I don't think FDPG even takes a breath between thoughts)

They are also slightly on the horribly competitive side: if one bumps the top of the doorway the other practically elbows that one out of the way so that they too can try to bump the top of the doorway.

Then I am deluged, yes, deluged, with pleas of this sort:

Mum! Take a picture! Mum! Look! Take a picture for your blog! Send it to Nanna! Look! Look! I'm at the top! Look! Mum!

And so, to humour us all, I often do take a picture. And another. And sometimes another, as each pose changes painfully and sometimes unnoticeably minutely.

Sigh. I console myself with the knowledge that one day, when I am old and gray and the kids live somewhere else, I might look back on these pictures and wish I had taken MORE.


Samantha said...

I've never climbed the walls... I wonder if I''m missing anything?

I have experienced 'They talk the entire time.' I'm always impressed with how my son never, ever runs out of things to say. Ever.

Cerwydwyn said...

Martina did this at our NC house but now? Now we have an entire HALLWAY she can climb. My dad used to hide in the ceiling of this hallway and drop down onto his sister's back, which explains why she is so neurotic.
I just take pictures of the footprints on the walls. That way I have something to complain about when my kids are grown.

sheila said...

I climb the walls in other ways, but a stiff glass of red wine usually gets me back down again, Samantha. I highly recommend it.

C: I need some pictures of this hall of which you speak. Sounds extremely tantalizing!