Friday, December 4, 2009

The Perfect Bow

Here are the twins, learning how to tie The Perfect Bow. For some reason they are really taken with the idea of being able to tie The Perfect Bow with their eyes closed but Dominic struggles to keep his eyes closed when things get tangled, so this ensures that he will not cheat. At least, that was FDPG said to him, even though the idea of cheating at tying bows isn't really something anyone in this house worries about.

Ahh, such strange children. I don't get involved in this stuff if I can help it. If they think one can cheat at tying a bow who am I to convince them otherwise?

Instead, being the mature parent that I am, I concentrate on playing silly buggers with them.

Just in time for Christmas!
I tell them, you can beautify the many many gifts you have no doubt purchased for me! What charming, adorable, generous children you are!

This little witticism of mine rarely goes over well. Usually I am met with a blank, and sometimes startled stare, as each of them contemplates the worrisome idea that I might actually have Expectations Regarding Gifts and Things.

Then I laugh, doing my best to make it either a) with gay abandon (so they aren't sure if I am serious), or b) with a pleased sort of smugness (so they still aren't sure if I am serious).

Honestly, the things I have to do around here to get a laugh, even if it's my own.


Kez said...

You crack me up :)

sheila said...

Thank you very much. I aim to amuse...