Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Words On Seattle

Some FDPG-isms from our trip down south:

*While listening to her mother driving on the I-5, she said:

"This family's middle name is swear!"

*When asked to think of a theme for her brother's new Mad Scientist mini-fig, she said:

"Even though I look like Terminator, I've got feelings." (we recently finished a highly academic exploration of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies)

*When we first crossed the border and got some gas:

"Our car has American gas in it now. It sounds so different."

*When she found me locked in the change room at the hotel pool (you need a key card to get OUT of the room, something I discovered a little too late, lol), she said:

"Don't worry, Mum, I can remember all this stuff for you. By the way, isn't it amazing to have endless hot water like this?" After which she forgot her shoes and her bathing suit in that very same change room. And we almost got locked in again.

*When first peeking into the closet of the posh conference hotel we were staying in:

"Look! There's an ironer!" (to which her brother replied "What's that for?")

*And finally, when watching a commercial of dubious decency (the Shake Weight), one which I finally turned off whenever it came on because it seemed cringingly pornographic, she said:

"Ha ha! There's Mum's favourite commercial!" And was convulsed with her own hilariousness, particularly when we chanced to see the Shake Weight at one of those As Seen On TV stores. Oh my.

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Samantha said...

Ha ha! She's adorable!

I saw that Shake Weight on an Ellen show clip. Soo funny! Not funny let your kids see it, but funny to me, an... adult? Hmm. Doesn't fit.

p.s. my word is mankworm. Mankworm!