Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainy Days in the Greenhouse

This is what the inside of the greenhouse looked like today. Atmospheric, I grant you, but rather dreary otherwise. At least it's warm enough to turn off the festive Christmas light decor I've got going on in there.

Since we couldn't do any outdoors gardening, well, not without getting excessively muddy in the bargain, FDPG and I decided to take photographs of the little plants in the little greenhouse.

Tomatoes. I keep waiting for them to POP and start growing wildly, but I think it's still a bit on the cold side.

At least, I hope it's still a bit on the cold side. If they are measly wimpy destined-to-be-miserable plants I might cry a bit.

Like my high-tech labels?

Lee Valley - eat your heart out.

Baby spiders are hatching. If you look really closely that blur should turn into a clump of spiders. I can't guarantee anything, so look really hard before emailing me in despair.

We are trailing around the house and yard with little floating spiders all over us today. For some of us it's the charming side effect of having a greenhouse; for others it's a horrible, scary, creepy, and really yucky experience.

Yes, we're all about the heroics. Braving Baby Spiders - that's us. Look at those SCARY little suckers and quake in your boots.
Marigolds (Moonlight Marigold)

Hollyhocks (Peaches 'N' Dreams and Black Knight).

Vague panoramic shot. You're looking at the Butterfly Garden portion of the greenhouse: phacelia, marigolds, calendula, nettles, hollyhocks, liatrus, alyssum, collinsia, sunflowers, leadplant, poppies, clary sage, goldenrod.

The other side are the Vegetable Garden plants: corn salad, purple sprouting broccoli, kale, tomatoes, peppers, pepperoncini, basil, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins, zucchini.

And yes, we do have it cordoned off. Some of us are highly competitive about our plants. And some of us are very irritable when they don't do well.


Heather said...

Fun to see all your plants and now I want a greenhouse Even More! The Hollyhocks look very healthy - fun sounding names too. Scott chose a variety labeled "white, single" from Seedy Saturday but that sounds very boring compared to yours.

You've reminded me that I wanted to get mache seeds to see if I could keep it growing right into winter. Is that what you are planning?

erin said...

The greenhouse looks great!! I'd love to have one some day. I'd love to show photos of my seedlings but they are housed under grow lights and in a garage which looks a tad shady in that kind of set-up. But they are doing well...maybe on a dry warm day I shall pose them on the pic-nic table for a photo show and tell. My oldest and I just seeded chamomile, and cape gooseberries tonight, as well as something he didn't disclose before going to bed ;-) I shall have to wait 'til morning or until un-named seedlings emerge in pots. Then we can all take turns guessing.

I love your flower assortment!