Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Which I Reveal My Talents As A Tree Whisperer

Today I found out what a medlar tree looks like. I walk by one every afternoon, and every time I walk by it I wonder what the heck it is, but short of knocking on the door and asking the owners what sort of tree it is (and thus running the risk of appearing slightly creepy or obsessive gardener-ish because, frankly, who seriously asks random people what sorts of trees are in their yards BUT an obsessive gardener-ish type person), I had no real way of finding out. I tried googling for answers one day, using search terms like " strange fruits + apple-ish + furry leaves," with (not surprisingly) no luck. Must work on my search terminology.

And now you're wondering how I found out what it was, aren't you? I'll tell you: I put my hands on the tree bark and asked it. And it told me. It said "I, you dim bulb, am a medlar tree. The fabled tree of old." It was an incredible moment. I was a Tree Whisperer.

Kidding, me? Surely you jest.

Anyways, now that I know it's a medlar tree I might just knock on their door and tell them what it is, in my best Obsessive-Gardener-ese.

I spent too much of my day today compiling a Word document for the homeschooled people in this house, a document that has Important Dates on it, like when the Official Date of the Fall of Rome was (bet you didn't know there is a fixed point for that, did you?), who the Templar Knights were, what the Domesday Book was, who wrote it and why, and other strange but fascinating facts about the Middle Ages. So forgive me if I'm a little bit idiotic. I'm feeling rather triumphant because I got 100% on the Domesday Quiz. I know, I know, it's a gift I have, doing well on obscure quizzes about the Middle Ages.

Now, off to Whisper to that weird yellow bush in the back yard. I've always wondered what THAT was, too...

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Samantha said...

If you're ever in my area, you must come give my trees a whisper. They are sad and I have no idea why.