Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Flowers

Had a very tiring day in the garden today, courtesy of iPhoto, when I was perusing it last night with Dominic. Mr Picky was trying to find every single photo I've taken of every single LEGO design he's ever built, to prove to me that I did not EVER take a photo of his LEGO Totoro, but gosh, look what we found.

How did iPhoto make me spend the day in the garden? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. It all started when Dominic and I were looking for that shot of the LEGO Totoro. We were scrolling through the months of last year when we happened upon some photos of purple sprouting broccoli, tomato seedlings, and sunflowers. Tall plants, they were. All well over 8" tall. The date stamp was May 8th, 2011. Exactly one year ago. While I stared rather dumbfounded at the photos, my mind was racing: I don't have ANY sunflowers planted right now! I thought. My tomatoes are PATHETICALLY SMALL! I thought. The only bright light was the fact that I do have some purple sprouting broccoli planted. And some white sprouting broccoli. But everything else is either teeny tiny or still in a seed packet. Eeeks! I thought. (yes, I really did think that)

So this morning I bid farewell to the kids ("Good-bye kids! I'm off to slave in the weed fields!") and went out to bid farewell to some weeds ("Hello weeds! Your doom is come! Prepare to die! You WILL be assimilated - by my garbage bag!"). Six and a half hours later, most of the bishop's weed in the shade garden was lying on a piece of plastic in the sun, dying a slow death, and a long piece of driftwood, the piece I dragged all the way home from the ocean during a walk last week, was getting itself ready for its closeup as a handrail for the earth steps I was building. It all looked very attractive. FDPG said so.

If anyone has any tips for keeping bishop's weed out of my garden, tips that don't involve me spending 6 hours with a garden fork, shaking the dirt off the roots and painstakingly putting each bit in a garbage bag, well, I'd be glad to hear them. So would the brunnera, alchemilla, pulmonaria, hellebore, and ligularia. The monkshood already bit the dust because of it, as did the sollya.

Now I'm off to bed, dragging my tired bones behind me. No doubt I'll dream of bishop's weed. Hopefully I'll have a flame thrower in my hands...

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