Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's More Canadian Than A Goose?

 This bird causes much consternation to the Canadian population, particularly the younger ones. From day one, we must learn that it's not "Canadian geese" but "Canada geese." The "Canada" is never pluralized, even though the goose/geese must be. Confusing, but one of those quirky Canadian things, like poutine or spirulina smoothies.

Maybe it should be one of the citizenship questions.
1. Let's count birds: One Canada goose, two (insert correct version).
2. Do Canada geese like poutine? (the correct answer is "only if they're in Quebec, otherwise they prefer spirulina smoothies")

I won't touch the hot button topic of whether or not Canadians actually LIKE the Canada goose, because it's very contentious. They tend to be reviled for the frequency and quantity of their droppings, which tend to adorn - odiferously -  golf courses, parks and paths, and other places we Canadians like to walk. It's the intersection of the droppings with the footwear that causes the, err, revilation.

 FDPG and I were out walking today and we happened upon this little family, out for their own little walk. The babies reminded me of the duckling on the cover of my (very battered) copy of The Story of Ping.

I'm including this sideways shot because it looks much more interesting on its side. It's like a slightly crushed hourglass, don't you think?
Ceci n'est pas une pipe

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