Thursday, January 3, 2008

Does Your Lego Room Look Like This?

Here is but a small corner of the mess that is the Lego Corner of Dominic's room, a place where all three kids gather daily to enact scenes of drama and calamity (I've been there, believe it, there's plenty of calamity going on).
Today, someone sent Max a link, an intriguing link on sorting and categorizing one's Lego. It is, I say fervently, unique and inspired, but it so ain't gonna happen at out house. Wish it could, though. My little Miss Anal (or, "ah-naaaal" as we like to say) side is quite taken with the idea of seeing all those little bits and pieces up off the floor. And, as Richard pointed out helpfully, then I could actually start vacuuming. Hah. Not.


Anonymous said...

No, but my schoolroom sure does! :)

sheila said...

Eeks, so does mine.

Now, where did I leave that personal assistant of mine?

Nicola said...

Our family room is often strewn with lego - it was in a big blue box, but I've noticed that they only play with the stuff they can see! So the other day, it was all tipped out, some of it was sorted (by me) and they've been rediscovering all sorts of pieces they had forgotten about!