Friday, January 4, 2008

Poetry Friday

I had every intention of posting something New Years-ish, but you know what happens to good intentions, they have a habit of morphing along the way. I'm always reminded of the Bergman film The Best of Intentions when I think about good intentions.

So, without further ado, I give you something perfectly lovely from Shuntaro Tanikawa:


Why is the river laughing?

Why, because the sun is tickling the river.

Why is the river singing?

Because the skylark praised the river's voice.

Why is the river cold?

It remembers being once loved by the snow.

How old is the river?

It's the same age as the forever young springtime.

Why does the river never rest?

Well, you see it's because the mother sea
is waiting for the river to come home.

Translated from the Japanese by Harold Wright.

Poetry Friday is being hosted today by two teachers who read a lot, at A Year of Reading. Thanks for hosting, ladies.

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Mary Lee said...

Love this! The end is so fun!