Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Light Music Reading

Yesterday I happened upon FDPG, reading in a chair in the family room. "What are you reading?" I asked. "Oh," says she, "just reading about God." "Ahh, what's he up to?" I ask. "He's torturing the Egyptians with festering boils," she replies casually.
I do a double take. "What are you reading?" I ask, slightly bemused. FDPG is six years old; this doesn't sound like light reading for a six year old, somehow.

"God and his Creations, by Marcia Williams," she tells me. I glance. It is. And it has that very line in it. And FDPG looks completely unconcerned.

I'm glad at this moment that I'm not an Egyptian in FDPG's sights.

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