Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Chocolate, Did You Say?

I was casting around for some different egg decorating ideas this week, when I came upon Cami's Hot Rock Eggs at Full Circle. So that was what we did on Friday afternoon, right after track and field. Read her instructions carefully, because the eggs DO get hot and the crayon wax can get pretty singey on the fingeys (says the woman who no longer has any fingerprints).

Now I'm going to collect some rocks for the Hot Rocks version.

Later, in a fit of kitchen-themed madness on Saturday night, I made Nigella's hot cross buns (from my well-worn copy of Feast) and Martha's Truffle Eggs. That's Martha's eggs there on the plate, looking very pinkly at us. Martha made hers smaller and more egg shaped, and dipped them in blue-tinged white chocolate to to mimic a robin's egg, but I used pink (no blue, alas, in my food dye box) and then, deciding it was just a bit too weird having all these large pink blobs everywhere, reverted to some milk chocolate dipping wafers I had kicking around. Those were much easier on the eye. Facing a luridly pink Easter egg at 10am is not something for the faint of heart...not that anyone could ever accuse my kids of being faint of heart when it comes to eating chocolate, mind you.

After all that frenzy, Richard and I filled a bag of plastic eggs with jelly beans (orange sherbet! coconut!), chocolate coins (Canadian loonies!), and chocolate eggs so we could hide them around the yard for the kids to find. We waited until morning to hide them, in the event of marauding squirrels, but when we woke up it was raining so bleakly that we hid them around the house instead. Sigh. A typical Easter in the Pacific Northwest.

Then, finally, I congratulated my kids on keeping their Lent promises. I'd convinced them that Lent lasted a week longer this year (because they'd all agreed that this year's Lent would involve no Dollar Store visits), and I wanted that lovely empty space where the "Can we go to the Dollar Store?" noise used to be to last just a little bit longer. I think they all knew I was having them on, but they humoured me. Nice kids. No wonder the Easter Bunny was so good to them.

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