Monday, March 24, 2008

How My Week Went (guest post)

By Toffee, the Greenridge Cat. (click on all my photos to see them in glorious cat-like splendor)

First, I slept in every single day. Why get up when the humans are all racing around making a lot of noise and getting in my way? No, I wait until the wet food is in the dish, and they are all out of the kitchen. I like to eat in peace. Besides, after getting up at 5:30am to go out and pee, I feel I need a little cat nap before I face the day.

That's me there. Lovely, aren't I? It's nice to stretch out a little when everyone else has gotten up. Kind of bugs me when the adults snigger and take pictures, though. Not very dignified of them.

Tuesday I sat on Dominic's Singapore Math for a while. I felt as though Sheila had droned on long enough, and that it was time for a little comic relief.
I was right, as usual. Nevertheless, I tried to look as nonchalant as possible - a very good tip when interrupting humans.

Wednesdays are my day for catnip chewing. It's very fresh this time of year, but I do wish Sheila would get all the aphids off it before she gives it to me. I don't enjoy the way they crunch in my teeth and they make my breath smell bad. Ahh, the aroma of fresh catnip. Nothing like it.

Every afternoon this week I stared longingly menacingly at the budgies for a while. We're looking after them while their owners move house, and I think they found me deeply irritating intimidating. I spent several very pleasant hours sitting here, until everyone came home and Sheila made me get off the table. I think I asserted my paper tigerferocity authority over them, nonetheless.

Then it was back to bed. After such a long week I felt exhausted. I don't know how I do it.


Anonymous said...

Spoiled rotten, that cat. I wouldn't put food in a cat dish unless the cat was standing right there telling me to do so :-)

Cute photos. Especially of the visiting birds.

Andrea said...


Sara said...

I love it! The picture of Toffee watching the birds is great. Thank you so much for taking care of them for us, Luke is thrilled to have them back and I'm sure you are enjoying the quiet.


The photo of Toffee under the duvet is priceless. I haven't ever seen a cat having a proper cat nap! I love cats, they are such great characters to have around the place. x

HipWriterMama said...

Lucky cat. Love the sheets.

Susan T. said...

What a hoot. Your cat looks just likes ours--Riley. And he really does lead the Life Of...

sheila said...

Cats are SUCH stealers of dignity, aren't they? I can barely pass by Toffee without mauling him a bit. Thanks for the comments. I did wonder about letting him write a guest post - I never quite know what he thinks about his life here (we got him 6 months ago from the pound).

Oh, and you are more than welcome Sara. It was fun, albeit noisy, having them here. After you took them away, we'd say periodically to Toffee "Where's the birdies, Toff?" and he'd whip his head around to stare where their cage was. It was pretty amusing.