Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yet More Signs of Spring

I know, I've used this title before, but it's hard to think of something more original when really, all I'm showing you are signs of spring in our yard. So, without further ado, here we go.
First, we have a nice spray of peach blossom, which was a very hot pink when still a bud, but the colours are softening slightly as the buds open.

Next, a lovely little number in a viola. I like violas, even if I have bought millions of them over my lifetime.
I like to think of them carpeting the roads to every house I've ever lived in (and yes, I HAVE bought that many).

I'm not quite sure what this is, some sort of wild toothed violet, but it is growing everywhere here: all over the lawn, all down the sidewalks, and in the cracks of all the rockeries. There is something about the shape and colour of it that is incredibly charming.

Spotted Pulmonaria. I bought this one for you, Matt James.
Just for you.
And boy, am I glad I did. It's so delicately delightful and delicious I could alliterate about it forever.

Water droplets in a lupin. Or, as FDPG says, sips of nectar for the fairies. Actually, it's getting slightly onerous having fairies in the garden. They're awfully temperamental. I can't touch the lupins in case they're thirsty, can't disturb the Totoro statue because the eggs are under it (exactly what kind of eggs FDPG isn't sure about), and we have to keep the geoduck shells in the same spot because the fairies like to hide under them when Toffee shows up. Never mind that Toffee is probably more afraid of them that they'll ever be of him, but I guess I'm nitpicking here.

Sorrel! I love sorrel. It's lemony, prolific, good in soups or salads or just standing in the garden, passing it around.

Rhubarb. I followed a tip from a new gardening book (I'd give the link but it's specialized just for this area), which says to upend a large terracotta pot over the plant just before it starts to bud, and remove it when the buds break through the soil. Looks like we are going to get a seriously good crop this year. And to think I found the root in an alley in Vancouver, awaiting the garbage.

So that's it from the Signs of Spring department here at Greenridge Chronicles. Well, that's it for now. You don't think you're going to get off that lightly, now, do you?



I have enjoyed your Signs of Spring. I don't mind if you have another one, Spring is my favourite time of year, the more signs the better. x

Heather said...

I agree with Louise, the more signs of Spring the better. I don't know what kind of violet that is Shelia, but the smell is incredible and I am happy to have them spread everywhere.
My son was just saying to me on Tuesday that he noticed the droplets in the center of our Lupins in the mornings, and that he thought they looked like some kind of crystal. He said that he wanted to get some pictures of it, so I will show him yours too.
Now I feel as though we are in some parallel universe - we have fairy gardens tucked away in the gardens and my youngest adores nibbling sorrel while standing in the garden. I've rhubarb budding nicely thanks to your pot tip, and violas always make a carpet in my garden pathways somehow.
Curious - how do you feel about ferns?? ;-)