Monday, March 31, 2008

My Lawn Has Dandruff!

Well, either that or the universe is playing an April Fool's joke on us here on the Wet Coast. Either way, I am not amused. I want to be out gardening, not watching little balls of ice fall from the sky.

Look at that lawn! It wants to be basking in sunshine, I just know it. So do I. We had the most amazing weather in February, which is probably why I feel so dismayed about the weather we had for March. It was a wet, windy, and cold March. It came in like a lion, it stayed like a lion, it had a brief spell as a lion cub, then it went out like a lion. And right before it left it dropped a lot of solidified water pellets on the ground. This is the Wet Coast, O ye Weather Gods, get your deliveries straight!

And yes, the kids were thrilled. As I sat shivering in disbelief, they frolicked on the front lawn, trying to catch ice in their mouths. I tried to take a picture of them, but my fingers froze on the camera buttons. Well, maybe it wasn't quite as dramatic as that, but you get the idea: cold + Sheila = Weenie Sheila. So what do I do? Go back into my warren and dream of Spring? Oh, wait, I forgot, it is Spring. Sigh. I know, hilarious, aren't I. I can hear my mother saying "At least you aren't in Montreal right now" thinking she's giving me some much-needed perspective, but I don't need perspective, Mum, I need sun. I could resort to the Weather Chant they do at Cubs (where you simply chant the kind of weather you want, three times, over and over again) , but then the kids might start chanting "Snow! Snow! Snow!" and then where would we be?



We've had a wet, cold and windy March too, with hailstones! It can only get better from now on? x

Heather said...

Sun, sun, sun!!! There, I did it for you. My kids can't hear me and at this point they wouldn't chant for snow either.

sheila said...

Louise: let's bloody well hope so, eh? I might develop SADS at this rate.

Heather: Thank you SO much. I do appreciate it. I will expect a change tomorrow!

Maureen said...

Do your kids go out barefoot in the snow and hail, like mine do? Wear t-shirts outside in the middle of winter? What is it about little flecks of ice that make them see bad weather like one giant Slurpee of the soul?