Monday, March 17, 2008

FDPG's Favourite Day (also known as St. Patrick's Day)

Why look! A little leprechaun was in our house last night! And we're not sure, but we think Toffee must have surprised him, because he dropped a bunch of gold coins on the floor. FDPG's theory is that he was trying to steal her green St. Patrick's Day hat, but dropped it and his gold when he bumped into Toffee. She and Dominic made sure they ate all the gold coins (which were made of - gosh, the luck of it - chocolate) in case the leprechaun comes back tonight to retrieve his lost gold.

Today is one of FDPG's most treasured days of the entire year. Not because it involves leprechauns, pots of gold, shamrocks, or even green milk (I know, it's weird and gross, but it thrills the twins), but because this day is all about GREEN, and green is FDPG's favourite colour.

So today we had green eggs for breakfast, a green smoothie for lunch (concord grape juice, frozen bananas, and fresh baby spinach), and green noodles for dinner (steam parsley, spinach, and kale then puree it with some chicken broth or fish sauce, dill, and a bit of cream) and the, err, green milk.

And while we were out in the garden FDPG saw at least 4 leprechauns flitting about the yard. No one else saw them, but she has pretty sharp eyes, so we all took her word for it. They had gold with them, but as soon as she touched it, it apparently dissolved in a puff of smoke.

Hmmm. That FDPG has some imagination, doesn't she?

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