Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Date With The Doctor

We went away for a few days - down south to The Land of the Free Refill as Max fondly referred to it - and in a small out of the way alley we came across the most amazing store. It was one of those geeky collector stores. We love geeky collector stores, because they always have a lot of strange and wonderful Doctor Who stuff and heaven knows we can never get enough Doctor Who stuff (well, Richard probably can but he was along for the ride so he had to suffer through our obsessions). These fellows were standing out front, waiting to greet us.
Large cardboard cutouts. I had a brief pang for ole Indy, because my kids were so overwhelmed by the sight of Doctor Who, a Dalek, the Tardis, and even Captain Jack (who sure knows how to pose, don't you think?) that they didn't even notice him. Everyone thought I would buy the David Tennant cutout but I shocked them all when I said I actually wanted the Dalek cutout. Or the Tardis. But somehow, the idea of paying $35 for a large piece of cardboard, even if it was covered with the objects of my affection, seemed a tad excessive. Even if it would have made a killer Halloween costume.
There was a Super Obama some ways away, who looked to be glaring a bit at David Tennant, which caused the kids to hoot and laugh rather immoderately. I don't think that was the expected effect, somehow.

This amazing store, with such promising adverts on the outside, was too good to pass up, so in we went. There were Doctor Who comics, Doctor Who piggy banks, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers, and this (see below), which FDPG snatched up almost instantly - a Doctor Who "Monsters and Aliens" poster.

After she bought it we played the Monster? Or Alien? game all the way back to the motel room. Here's what we thought:
Cybermen? Oh, aliens for sure.
Vashta Narada? Aliens.
Daleks? Monsters. Created by Davros.
Hath? Oh, of course they are aliens. Nice ones, too. We like the Hath.
Slitheen? Aliens. Farting aliens.
Davros? A monster we thought. A Very Bad Man, too.
Weeping Angels? Monsters. Wonderful, brilliant, creepy monsters. Even the Doctor called them monsters. I've heard these things are going to be making repeat appearances in the new series, too. Eeek.
Ood? Aliens. Gentle, singing aliens; whenever I see Ood Sigma say "Doctor, your song is ending soon" and tilt his head slightly, I cry.
Scarecrows? Eeek. Monsters.
Sontarans? (as I type this the twins are downstairs chanting SON-TA-RA! over and over again) Aliens. Amusing in a weird sort of way.
Judoon? Aliens.
Adipose? Aliens.

And finally, I found this. It's called a Doctor Who In Your Pocket Talking Voice Keychain. We've almost worn out the batteries we love it so. And it's all mine. Sigh. We did speculate what the Doctor would say if they'd put his voice on this thing, but no one could agree. Max and Richard thought he'd say "Allons-y!" I thought he'd say "Hello hello hello, what have we here?" But we all agreed that we loved having "Exterminate! Exterminate!" at our fingertips, even if it did cause a certain amount of consternation on the ferry when we were coming home.


Rebecca said...

Confession: I have a sonic screwdriver with UV ink. But don't tell anyone. Shhhh.

And I love that talking keychain. Très chique.

sheila said...

Cool! Is it the River Song one?

Did you know you can buy a Dalek webcam too? Can I justify the $60 price tag?

No, I think I want the Tardis piggy bank. I'm leaving massive hints for the kids - what with Mother's Day coming up and all...

Anonymous said...

I must understand this Dr. Who love! Our library has it so I'm on hold (I'm 28th though, so it may be awhile). I've never heard of it before, but y'all make it sound so wonderful!

I would have had a hard time resisting the Indy... ;-)

Phoenix32 said...

I think the Vasta Nerada are monsters - creepy, creepy monsters.

And I just wanted to say how I love your blog - being a Doctor Who obsessed homeschooling mother myself :)