Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wandering Around Other Towns

We just got back from a trip to Seattle, which was kind of amazing because we haven't really been very nomadic of late, but what was even more amazing was that we planned the trip around a visit to a Lego store.

Yes, Gentle Reader, we planned a trip to a Lego store. A Lego store! If the me that I am now suddenly appeared in front of the me from 1995 and said "Guess what? You're going to be spending a good chunk of money you could be ploughing into the garden or your Doctor Who memorabilia collection cash taking your THREE kids to a Lego store in the USA in a few years!" I would have laughed like that kid on the Simpsons (you know, the one who sounds like a human donkey). Three kids? Lego store? Ha. Good one.

Heeee hawwwww.

How the mighty fall, when faced with the thing that is the Lego-obsessed child.

Here they are before they went into the Lego store. Note the tautly excited expressions on the faces of the twins. Even Max is having difficulty restraining his inner WOW!

Here they are after they went into the Lego store. Note the tautly excited expressions on the faces of the twins. Even Max is having difficulty restraining his inner WOW!

In fact, under that toque his hair is on fire.

And in between we did a bunch of other cool stuff.

Here we are at 6 am, driving to the ferry, because we, Gentle Reader, live on an island and have to take a ferry to get off it. I was expecting more of a rebellion from the troupes but the idea of the aforementioned Lego store as an Effective Lure was too big to withstand. Look - even the teenager is smiling. At 6 am.

Here is a sign that Dominic interpreted to mean NO KEYS ALLOWED. We all pointed out that he could have read the accompanying words but I think he likes to maintain his position here as the Family Clown and eschew all print if it serves his purpose. As this obviously did.

Here is the Teenager, discovering the Free Breakfast at the motel. He was deeply enthusiastic about being able to eat all the bread-like items, juices, yogurts, and bananas he could stuff into his craw. And yes, it was like watching a baby bird inhale worms, come to think of it. I think what he liked best of all was not having me say things like "Max, do you REALLY need to eat all that food in one sitting?" or "Max, do you really need to eat 8 waffles, 4 sausages, 3 muffins, and 2 glasses of juice?"

Here is another place everyone was enthusiastic about. I think you can all guess what went on here.

And here are some random images of the area around Pike Place Market, in between going on an Underground Tour and gushing over all that creative action...

ALL tens? Impressive.

This was a guy the kids were particularly taken with: The Cat Whisperer. At the risk of sounding too jaded, I will say that he was a fairly typical post-hippie nutjob on a peculiar mission of sorts, with some really mellow cats. FDPG gave him some of her cash, she loved him so.

I loved these chilies. They were so incredibly colourful. We stood here for a while as I took photo after photo, until R finally said "Why don't you buy one if you love them so much?" I was tempted, but the Doctor Who In Your Pocket won out. Chilies are nice but having the noise of the Tardis is nicer, somehow.

The window fronts were amazing everywhere I looked. I actually have 132 window front shots, so be thankful I am only inflicting 1 on you at this time.

There were also a lot of tall buildings, even if it seems mundanely redundant to say so. We all felt dizzy looking up at this one.
Who doesn't love a good cobblestone?
I look up, I look down.
It's all good.


Heather said...

And we are planning a trip around a Lego store thanks to you mentioning before Christmas that there was such a thing as a Lego store. Should I thank you or not?

We're you thinking as you looked at those chilies that for the price of one string of them you could buy a dozen chili plants and make loads of your own strings full of chilis?

Did I tell you that the boys found out from watching Man VS Food that one habanero chili is supposed to be as hot as 500 jalapenos? No wonder that batch of salsa I made was so hot!

sheila said...

Oh dear, my condolences. Having been there, and assuming there might be Firm Ideas in some people's heads about what they MIGHT want to buy there, I'd be inclined to phone the store to either inquire as to availability or ask them to hold anything specific, because the boys were a little disappointed that several critical items were not in stock.

Oh, and if you know anyone in the US who could ship to you, the Lego store mails items they don't stock FREE anywhere in the US. They are extraordinarily accommodating.

We were all breathless when we left!

And heck, Seattle is an amazing place.

sheila said...

Oops, forgot about those chilies. I actually WAS thinking that. I was also feeling rather envious that my chilies never get all that gorgeous looking. I don't think it's hot enough here. They were the most beautiful things, I tell you. Entrancing.

I do not know of this Man vs Food of which you speak. I will investigate further. I did know that about habaneros though, from our days in Southern California. Those babies burn at both ends!