Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Frankenstein Totoro

I was making a paper Totoro from this site and thinking idly of using this particular picture as my new avatar because I need one that isn't quite so nostalgia-inducing (it's FDPG when she was a wild and crazy 4 year old). I took a few pictures from various angles, thinking each time the camera reflected the glue in a bad light that I am really terrible at gluing (he doesn't look this bad IRL I don't think). I finally came to the conclusion that it's a Totoro Frankenstein and if I were to use it as my new avatar people might think I am either a really crappy crafter or that I have strange necromantic tendencies. As far as I can tell, I am neither, although I do feel rather drawn to The Crappy Crafter as a blog name.

While I was contemplating my Frankensteinic crafting abilities, a friend sent me this picture - from the upcoming Toy Story 3. Look in the back there. It's a stuffed Totoro.

I forget all about nicknaming myself Victor and instead convinced the twins to accompany me to this movie when it comes out. Then we watched My Neighbour Totoro, and daydreamed about one day going to the Studio Ghibli museum.

We all love Totoro here. Well, the teenager pretends not to, but he loved him in his day. He's just too mature to admit to it anymore. If you need some more Totoro, check these out.




The Studio Ghibli museum website, a place we hope to visit one day.

Directions to the Studio Ghibli museum for the directionally challenged, including one of the more strangely compelling phrases I've ever heard (and might now have to adopt as my mantra):

"Less stress means more fun!"

Heck, this one was made for me. I might not ever develop a cheesy giggle, like Satsuki's, but I am not above repeating this to my kids. I can just see the effect this will have on the teen-ager...


The Crappy Crafter

And remember, kids, less stress means more fun!


Sarah N. said...

When I saw your post title, in my reader, I had to click through immediately :) We love Totoro here! I'm thrilled to see that there's a stuffed Totoro in Toy Story III. We may need a Totoro viewing tonight.

sheila said...

Isn't Totoro wonderful? We have some Totoro 'things' we've picked up at various Japanese stores around these parts, all horribly overpriced, but we could not resist them: Totoro finger puppet, Totoro window hanger, Totoro key chain danglie, complete with soot sprites and acorns. All cute.