Friday, February 12, 2010

My Goofy Valentine

I was checking this blog out for some Valentine's Day ideas for the kids, and came across a site that offered free 'bag toppers.' So, me being all about anything FREE or DOWNLOADABLE, I put in for a download. And today, with our friends, we made these.

We used the heart-shaped chocolate mold from Michaels, then little plastic bags, and finally these bag toppers. When I doled them out to the kids one boy (who hadn't been paying us much mind) asked where we'd bought them. We tried to tell him we'd just made them but it took a while before he decided to believe it. They looked amazing. Thanks Living Locurto. You are awesome.

There were two types of bag topper: one was a pink owl and the other was a blue dinosaur. We filled them with Candy Melts from Michaels in white and pink (I mixed them together to make a marbled pinkish-white so that we had three kinds in each bag).

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louise said...

Aren't those bag toppers great! x