Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We See Differently

We spent most of yesterday outside, because it was so beautiful and sunny and the coming forecast is for rain, sob. I used the edger my neighbour gave me when he moved and had a lot of fun making crisp edges along the beds (simple pleasures for simple minds, right?).

Then I repositioned the bird bath, making sure it was settled and surrounded by ample avian seating. This way the birds won't have Toffee the Cat of Very Little Brain But Excellent Birding Skills able to get at them very easily. In fact, I would be willing to bet that Toffee won't be able to negotiate this at all. He's not called Toffee the Cat of Little Brain for nothing, you know. Very nice, our Toffee, and an excellent hunter, but not very swift off the mark. These sticks will, to use Richard's vernacular:

freak him out!

If it sounds like we derive a lot of amusement mocking our cat, well, you're right. We do.

Then I contemplated some planters. Last summer I developed a mild passion for all the different grasses that seemed to be in vogue at the garden centres, and bought a few that survived the winter in style (and one or two that did not). Here is a planter that did well, even though it was in some exposed shade. This particular grass has a really graceful swoop to it. It is interplanted with Corsican mint (something that doesn't overwinter for me ever but I love it so much I don't care anymore) and Baby's Tears (this is my first year and it seems pretty hardy).

In contrast the twins played on the willow tree swings, taking enormous pleasure in swinging so hard that the root on one side lifted slightly out of the ground. We all observed the tree do this several times. It looked highly unstable, a fact that pleased some of us and alarmed others. I warned them once then decided to look the other way. Who am I to stand in the way of foolhardiness?

Max took advantage of my Potted Grass Perusing and snuck off with the camera, intent on his own Garden Exploits. But I found the Evidence later...

Storm Trooper infiltrates Max's Mother's garden on a mission of extreme secrecy.
Storm Trooper is briefly menaced by a sharp pointy object.

Storm Trooper realizes that it's better to sneak through the jungle, even if he is very poorly camouflaged.

His Mission? To divert giant rock in bird bath. He does not realize the imminent danger of Unstable Bird Bath Ornament behind him, unfortunately.

Foolish Storm Trooper. Tsk tsk tsk. Good thing you are made of hard plastic.

On the way back Storm Trooper surveys the territory for more potential enemies (like Mothers or Unstable Bird Bath Ornaments or Cats With Very Little Brain).

Oops. A cat. Fortunately this is the Cat of Very Little Brain he's heard tell of. No worries. One poke with his curved gloved hand and that cat will be out of there so quick Storm Trooper will be on his way home in no time at all.


Rebecca said...

Oh my. We love the stealth stormtrooper shots. Lots of laughs on this end. Well done, Max!

Suji said...

Yikes, almost covered my eyes when I got to that end photo. That tells you how realistic the photography and telling of the tale were to me LOL. Did Storm Trooper survive Cat of Very Little Brain? (poor Toffee, what a name!).

sheila said...

Um, thanks, just don't tell Max I used his pictures to do my own little Day In The Life Of, will ya? He doesn't know I even saw these pictures. Ah, the life of the blissfully ignorant...

Oh, Suji, don't feel too bad for Toffee: his other nickname is ChickenShit. But he is my devoted slave and I do like him a lot, even if he is a big fat chicken.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! My son loved the storm trooper photos, but I'll tell him to keep mum about them. Quite the adventures for the little storm trooper... I love the one of him in the grass. :-)

Your weather looks gorgeous by the way.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Oh, wow... Toronto may be the centre of the civilized universe, but you guys sure have better stuff going on, weather-wise, at this time of year.

So, SO, envious. We have had exactly one day (last Sunday) when the sun came out and I could go outside with no parka.

Enjoying the blog - thanks!

sheila said...

Thanks, Jennifer. This IS the wild and wacky West Coast, you know: anything can happen (and usually does). And of course we all know that the weather in TO is nothing to, cough cough, write about, cough cough.

Let's just hope that we don't have a snow storm here in the next month or we might have to revisit this topic again...