Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden Recipes

I posted a few recipes for chocolate zucchini cake, cucumber relish, and peach pie filling for those of you with gardens and heaps of produce to deal with in the near future.

Well, it wasn't Saint Patrick's Day today, but it wasn't until we went into Home Despot this afternoon and the teller we passed said "Hey! You guys all match!" that we noticed. I think I should get Quick Wit points here because when the teller said that I tossed back "We plan our wardrobes every morning!" and we all laughed merrily, me without knowing what the heck she was talking about, her no doubt thinking I was a total weirdo parent. Then I went striding off to where the shortie hoses were kept and glanced back to make sure everyone was with me. It was then that the penny dropped.
We were all wearing green shirts. Even Max the Teenager. When I pointed it out he moaned. "Why didn't I bring a hoodie?!" he groaned, "we look so dorky!"

To be honest even I felt kind of dorky. We were the Slacker Von Trapps.

Green, green, and more green. The funny thing was when we came home: no one changed.

Now that's weird.


Suji said...

LOL...we need more of such eco-friendly families! :)

sheila said...

Ugh, that's one way to put it, isn't it?

signed, Geek Mum von Trapp

Heather said...

So it's true then - it ain't easy bein' green?

Samantha said...

But it's a great way to find your family if you get separated and you won't forget what colour your kids are wearing because you are wearing it too!
I see it as absolute pure genius!

Rebecca said...


BTW, still waiting to hear back about next Tuesday. *cough cough*

sheila said...

Oh, right! I'm in. Frances even emailed me. I let the birthday cat out of the bag and she's very irritated with you. lol