Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Twits

I don't really have a Twitter account, but I like the idea of posting random little tidbits that stand out during our days.

Overheard: FDPG reading Marguerite Makes A Book aloud to Dominic, in an English accent. "Mahhhguerite went into the town..."

"What is this thing? Look! The handset is attached to the box! Wild!" Listening to Max learn how to navigate the intricacies of that old-fashioned implement: the dial telephone. Apparently a thing out of prehistoric days.

"This is a LEGO magnetic stick. I made it so that I can slide it underneath pop machines. All the coins people drop will stick to it! I will be really rich." Dominic, AKA The Money Magnet Boy.

"Only 31 days until my birthday!" FDPG, plotting her birthday cake, her birthday present list, and her birthday party. I think this kid is looking forward to turning nine.


Suji said...

Happy advanced greetings to the birthday girl :)

sheila said...

Thank you! Too bad we couldn't have you over here for our Slip and Slide party. I'm sure your Seal In Training would have fun.

shaunms said...

Goodness, you're all different!

I love the "handset is attached to the box!!!" comment. I am thinking of getting a phone that stays permanently attached to the wall with a cord -- old school! Then you can always find one phone.