Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Overheard at dinner last night:

Boy2: Can we put a spiral staircase off this deck? How about a slide? It could go right into the pool!

(for the record, deck is approximately 20' off the ground - it is a very high deck)

Girl: Only 17 more days until my birthday. Sixteen if we don't count today. I love avocado.

Boy1: Why do we pay for internet? Look, my Touch says there are two unsecured connections around here. How can you like that gross green stuff?

Father: (eats dinner silently)

Mother: I need a haircut. This is the albatross of having short hair. It needs cutting all the time. I have hag hair. I hate having hag hair. I'm poofing.


Suji said...

Hmmmmmm...Boy1 has a preeeettttyyy good point there. I think I see my neighbor's network....hmmmmm.

Is it just me or do visual verifications sometimes go missing? I'm going to guess 'poofyhair". Hope it works.

Darn. It wasn't. It is now "daizes". I'm always in daizes these days anyways LOL.

Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

How about a spiral slide? You could charge admission, with a legal release form of course.

I have hag hair myself these days.

sheila said...

Suji, are my visuals freaking you out? I realize that one could interpret "poofing" in all sorts of rude ways, couldn't one? I meant that I had a fluffy look about me. A sort of frizzy halo. Not a good look, let me hasten to add.

Mrs D! How are you? I was looking at some Western BC calendars at Costco today and thinking about you. The spiral slide is a big topic here, funnily enough. Richard is all for the spiral staircase. I want Mike Holmes to come and do it for me.

How can you have hag hair? You have the best hair I know.

Suji said...

Oh no, is there some other meaning to poofy I don't know about? I have hair like that too...it just won't stay and frizzes up something bad. You should have seen me in the hot humid temple where my sis decided to have her wedding earlier this year. I think she chose the place on purpose. Sorry about calling it poofy...I hope it doesn't mean anything other than frizzy. To make up for it I have bestowed you with a blog award! LOL.

sheila said...

Well, not really, although a "poof" is sometimes a rude term for a fellow who's obviously gay.

I just looked back at that phrase "I'm poofing" and my first thought was "Eww, gross." Shows you where MY mind is...

Lori said...

lolol hag hair .. i have so said that!

sometimes i say crone hair.

Sravani said...

Hi Sheila,
I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can claim it here http://bookslinksandmore.blogspot.com/2010/07/versatile-blogger.html

My hair has been called coconut hair many times..all means the same. frizzy, poofy, just does not settle down and listen to me...and way too thick. When I complain to the hairstylist who cuts my kids' hair and trims mine (I always have it plaited), that my hair loss has increased, she would remark back...'no no, more needs to be lost. This is too thick.' ...and I sometimes think she wishes me secretly to become bald..

Looks like you are flooded with awards this week:) That should feel very good:)

Rebecca said...

Hey you versatile blogger!

I thought your hair looked very fetching last night. Not at all haggish, although perhaps this was a post-hair-dresser moment?

Anyway, you looked fabulous. Dahling.

Atoma: There was a weird atoma hovering around that bartender.

sheila said...

Thanks Subadra! You're a charmer and I always enjoy your company on our shared lists. I think you are probably one of the more versatile people I know.

sheila said...

Rebecca, dahling! No, it wasn't an apres-dresser style, although I am going this week. It was a Sprayed Within An Inch of Its Life style. I probably used up an entire can of hair spray as I wrestled it into shape.

That was exceedingly fun last night. I really enjoyed hanging with y'all. It was very pleasant. Oops, I am not supposed to say pleasant anymore...

That bartender! He did have a weird atoma hovering around him. What a kook.

Rebecca said...

Go ahead, say pleasant. I was kicking myself after I commented on it because it is my very favourite Sheila-ism and I'd hate for you to put it aside simply because I was goofy enough to call attention to it.

It's charming. And much less boring than "nice". I think I say nice. Or lovely. Pleasant is just so... pleasant. It reminds me of slushy, lovely beverages on warm summer evenings served by men who probably look great in small swimming trunks.

thygm: you don't want to know.

sheila said...

You know, I had NO IDEA that I say that all the time, but don't worry - I'll probably still say it all the time. I'm too lazy to find another word.

Did Frances enjoy her trip here? She wasn't what I was expecting, you know. Not at all. Maybe the hair, but nothing else. And Marty still reminds me weirdly of my friend Camilla. It's very disconcerting!

Rebecca said...

Online is just so very odd that way, isn't it. It would be amusing to know, sometime, who you thought you'd be meeting. :)

She had a great trip and loved meeting you.

It was very fun.

Pases: Men don't make pases at girls who wear glases.

Erin said...

Sorry to come in on your long convo...what I love about these random dinner happenings on the talking front, is that we can actually follow everyone's train of thought and we know each other so well that it all gels!!

Catching up with you...your garden is looking sweet and abundant. I think we have the same sweet peas. Mine are wafting scent on the west wind into the yard along several feet of fence. Where the other variety is that I seeded, who knows? Ask the chickens with their big scratching feet?! They won't tell, but I suspect they were mischievous while I watered or read or weeded. Anyways, lavender and white looks smashing and matches my buddleia. (I never plan 'matches' but this one I am loving!!)

Happy summering!!


Rebecca said...

I don't have anything to say but I had to share the word.


I kid you not. How great is that!?