Saturday, July 10, 2010


The twins are having a sleepover. They like doing this; they usually sleep in FDPG's room. Dominic tosses down a few denizens from Cushion Land (tonight he's using Big Blue, Little Brother and Big Brother) and uses them as his air mattress.

I crept down a few times when I heard raised voices, just to see what they were up to, because they can get into some pretty heated arguments. And this is what I heard:

(the first time) "Okay, Dominic, here is your math quiz for tonight. You have to do all of that page." FDPG had found an old Math Smart book of Max's in her desk drawer and was giving Dominic a test. She later gave him a grammar quiz.

(the second time) Great shrieks as FDPG loses a tooth. Thundering footsteps as they both race to be the first to announce the news. Tooth is wrapped in tinfoil and placed in a special spot, awaiting an appearance by the Tooth Fairy. "OMG," says FDPG, "I can't believe I was so calm during the whole experience!" Calm? FDPG?

(the third time) "Who was the best Companion? What is Rose's name in real life? How did she leave the show? Who played the Doctor before David Tennant? Which episode were the Judoon in? What is the name of the stuff the Doctor uses to trick people into thinking he's someone he's not? Which episode where the Scarecrows in? What happened in The Idiot's Lantern?" And so on, and so on, and so on. Mostly FDPG, who believes in memorizing every single speck of Doctor Who trivia. Just as Dominic was saying "Billie Piper!" I caused a floorboard to squeak, whereupon they both fell instantly silent. I whispered in through the door "I know you two are awake, I just heard Dominic say Billie Piper!" FDPG sat up immediately and said "I TOLD you that I heard Mum coming down the stairs. When will you LISTEN to me?" Dominic said "Mum, isn't Billie Piper a boy's name?" "Not always," I said, "the IE on the end of it tells you that it's probably a girl's name. Lots of girls used to be called Billie."

"Oh," he says wonderingly. FDPG nods knowingly.

"Good night," I say. "Good night," they say.

Ahh, sleepovers. They sure have changed since my day.


Rebecca said...


Samantha said...

Too cute!!

Hey, I don't have a word verification! I have a tiny blue box with a question mark. I'm going to use my ESP and guess the word...

... I was wrong. They let me know in angry red letters. I feel like I did when I got in trouble at school.
Now they have given me 'wauticie'. Isn't that an old dance?

sheila said...

HA! What word did you use, Samantha? You do realize that I have a Naughty Word Filter imbedded?

samantha said...

What?!?!?!?!?! You assume I used a naughty word?!?!?!?! ME?????????? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!!!!

sheila said...

Ha! I know, ridiculous sometimes, aren't I?

But I bet it was, wasn't it? Or did you try things like CLIVE and COLIN and RUPERT? Come on, fess up.

Samantha said...

Actually it was 'blimey' and I have no idea where it came from, it just popped into my head so I thought, hey, what if that's it? wouldn't that be crazy! But it totally wasn't. I'm sure the reality is sooooo much less interesting then all the words you were imagining.