Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pink Popcorn

Granted, this doesn't look like pink popcorn, but when it was still on the stalk it sure did...well, when we managed to wrest some of the cobs from the squirrels, that is. The squirrels were giddy with delight at the idea of having their own private corn supply, and every time we looked out at the garden we'd see the stalks waving madly as the squirrels clambered around, chewing, chewing, and chewing some more. It was one of the more exasperating experiences I've ever had as a gardener.

Check this link. Pink, eh?

Dominic chose this for his garden two years ago and while it was almost mildly amusing at the time - barring visits from squirrels, birds, bugs, and wind - we never grew it again because of the travails we'd had. I'd forgotten how much space corn needs, and Dominic had no idea he'd have to wrap the cobs in tinfoil to um, well, FOIL the squirrels, and by the time the summer was over and we could harvest the stuff all we had to show for our stealth, doggedness, frustration, and perseverance were two cobs. Two measly cobs - which took up a 2' by 3' space - and so, once we'd dried the cobs and removed the kernels, I tucked them into a cup and put them on a shelf somewhere. Periodically, when I was clearing up, I'd come across them, then tuck them away again, convinced that any experience with popping them would be just as frustrating as it was growing them...

Until yesterday. I was popping corn when I came across the cup of pink kernels. They looked dry and, dare I admit, OLD. But I poured them into the air popper and wonder of wonders they all popped. And here they are, gleaming rather whitely in their bowl.

Don't know that we'll grow them again, but it was a wonderfully redeeming end to an experience that was a little TOO fraught with irritations.

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